Great American Songbook

From the hammering din of upright grands in Tin Pan Alley,

through the boogie bass whirling from Jazz Age speakeasies,

to the incandescent dazzle of Broadway’s film and theatre marquees,

The Great American Songbook remains the collective consciousness of original song in the United States and beyond.

The diversity and flexibility of this moniker for decades of popular song, is reflected in its many sub-genres and synonyms: Jazz Standards, American Popular Song, Popular Standards, Musical Theatre Songs, American Standards, etc., etc., etc.!


With focus on the music of the American Musical Theatre,

especially the oeuvre that remains out of public sight due to change in dramatic tastes,

condemned by so-called experts as “un-stage worthy,” the victims of the dustbin of time and the trend du jour,

but whose amalgamation of music and lyric has nonetheless stood the test of time and inspired later generations of composers, lyricists, singers and the listening public.